August 14, 2023

Trautec secures U.S. PCT patent authorization for "Recombinant Type XVII Collagen: Preparation Method and Application"

Trautec Medical, a global leader in the field of medical technology and collagen-based innovations, is pleased to announce a significant milestone with the successful authorization of its international PCT patent, titled "Recombinant Human Type XVII Collagen: Preparation Method and Application," by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) United States PCT Office. This achievement underscores Trautec Medical's commitment to pioneering groundbreaking advancements in the medical industry.

As of the present date, Trautec Medical has amassed an impressive portfolio of over 60 authorized patents, further solidifying its position as an industry leader in innovation and research. Among these patents are three PCT patents, with approval not only in the United States but also in Japan and South Korea.

The core functional area of recombinant collagen proteins, including Recombinant Type I Collagen, Recombinant Type III Collagen, and now Recombinant Type XVII Collagen, has been the focal point of Trautec Medical's pioneering efforts. Six of these patents have earned the distinction of inclusion in the prestigious PDB protein structure database in the United States, showcasing the company's commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and sharing its discoveries with the global community.

Trautec Medical remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the frontiers of medical technology and eagerly anticipates ongoing innovation, poised to make a significant positive impact at the forefront of the personal care industry.

United States Authorization

Patent Name: Recombinant Human Type ⅩⅦ Collagen, and Preparation Method and Use Thereof

Patent Application Publication: US20230119018A1

PCT No.: PCT/CN2022/071968

Japan Authorization

Patent Name:  組換えヒトXVII型コラーゲン、調製方法、及び使用 (Recombinant Human Type ⅩⅦ Collagen, and Preparation Method and Use Thereof)

Patent Application Publication: JP2022548165

PCT No.: PCT/CN2022/071968

South Korea Authorization

Patent Name: 재조합 인간 XVII형 콜라겐, 제조방법 및 응용 (Recombinant Human Type ⅩⅦ Collagen, and Preparation Method and Use Thereof)

Patent Application Publication: KR102559311B1

PCT No.: PCT/CN2022/071968


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