May 2, 2024

Trautec's SRHC Type XVII Named Finalists Among Elite-8 in 2024 CEW Beauty Awards: Highlight of "Future of Beauty" NYSCC Awards!

The announcement of the eight finalists took place during the electrifying "Future of Beauty" NYSCC Awards gala, hosted at the prestigious Lavan Midtown in New York City. Drawing inspiration from the glamour of the Met Gala, the event showcased the pinnacle of innovation in beauty formulation.

Carefully selected by a panel of esteemed industry luminaries, including Toussaint Jordan of Edgewell (Brand Manager, Product Marketing), Eileen Kim of Chanel (Head of US Innovation and Research), Ron Robinson of (founder and CEO), Tatyana Tabakman of Orveon Global (Technical Innovation Director), and Tao Zheng, PhD, MBA of The Estee Lauder Companies (Executive Director, Advanced Technologies – SPF & Makeup Innovation), the finalists represent the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in beauty formulation.

Among the finalists is SRHC Type XVII, an extraordinary animal-free recombinant collagen derived from eukaryotic yeast utilizing cutting-edge bioengineering methodologies. With a remarkable 100% homology and biocompatibility, SRHC Type XVII mirrors human collagen, ensuring the presence of optimal active sites with unparalleled stability. Designed to replenish collagen production that naturally declines with age, SRHC Type XVII plays a crucial role in maintaining scalp health and stimulating hair growth. Its profound benefits extend to supporting the vitality of hair follicles and nurturing skin, thereby directly enhancing hair growth.

In contrast to conventional animal-derived collagen sources, SRHC Type XVII represents a groundbreaking approach that eliminates potential risks and biosafety concerns associated with traditional collagen extraction methods from animal bones, hives, and joints.

The culmination of anticipation will be witnessed at the forthcoming CEW Beauty Awards Luncheon, scheduled for November 21, 2024, where the winner of the Ingredients & Formulation category will be revealed. This momentous occasion celebrates excellence and innovation in beauty formulation, setting new benchmarks for the industry.


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