September 16, 2023

The industrial configuration has once more been enhanced, with L Catterton and CITIC Lyon Capital spearheading the investment in Trautec's Series B funding round.

On September 16th, Trautec (Jiangsu Chuangjian Medical Technology Co., Ltd.) achieved a successful milestone by concluding its Series B financing round, surpassing the 200 million yuan mark in capital raised. This funding endeavor was jointly led by CITIC Lyon Capital, the inaugural RMB fund under the L Catterton umbrella (known as LVMH in Chinese), the world's foremost entity specializing in comprehensive consumer investment throughout its lifecycle. Additionally, participation came from CITIC Securities' global U.S. dollar private equity fund investment platform, CDF-Capital Investment, and MingFeng Capital.

The primary allocation of this round of financing will be channeled towards advancing industrialization efforts, fostering innovative technology research and development, and facilitating international market expansion. Notably, Trautec had previously garnered close to 200 million yuan in Series A financing in July 2022, with Shiseido Ziyue Fund at the helm, accompanied by investments from Huafang Capital, CDH Baifu, and Holley Pharmaceuticals. In slightly over a year, Trautec has secured consecutive rounds of funding, earning the trust and support of prominent domestic and international investment entities.

This recent infusion of capital marks a significant catalyst for Trautec's ongoing initiatives to enhance its industrial chain layout. The company is poised to leverage the resource advantages offered by its investors, capitalizing on current growth opportunities, enhancing its market competitiveness through innovation and industrialization, and further deepening its presence in the realm of synthetic biology.

About investors
L Catterton (LVMH)

Founded in 1989, L Catterton (Chinese name: LVMH) is the world's largest private equity investment management company focusing on the consumer industry. There are 9 investment platforms in five continents around the world, including flagship acquisition funds, growth funds, Latin American funds, European funds, Asian funds, RMB funds and real estate funds. The current assets under management reach 34 billion US dollars, approximately 250 billion yuan. Over the past 30 years, we have been deeply involved in the global consumer market. With our industry-leading cross-regional business and multi-dimensional knowledge, we have completed nearly 300 investments in various consumer fields around the world. Focus on food and beverage, big health, pets, new retail, beauty and personal care, cross-border overseas travel, medical services, consumer technology and other tracks.


Established in 1995, CITIC CLSA Capital is CITIC Securities’ only and wholly-owned U.S. dollar private equity fund investment platform. As a pioneer in private equity in Asia, CITIC Lyon Capital has 28 years of experience in the industry and serves more than 200 global investment institutions, including pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign funds, funds of funds, charitable funds, endowments, family offices and other professionals. investor. CITIC CLSA Capital is headquartered in Hong Kong and has branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Mumbai and other places. CITIC CLSA Capital is a member of CITIC CLSA, Asia's leading capital markets and investment group. The parent company of CITIC Lyon is CITIC Securities (Shanghai Stock Exchange 600030, Hong Kong Stock Exchange 6030).

The flagship Chinese market US dollar private equity fund launched by CITIC CLSA Capital relies on CITIC Securities' strong local advantages and primary market resources in China to provide global customers with a one-stop layout in China's primary market, investing in intelligent manufacturing, new energy, and medical health. and TMT-based strategic emerging industries, through rigorous selection of high-quality projects to create excellent investment returns for global investors.

Shenzhen Chuangdongfang Investment Co., Ltd

Shenzhen CDF-Capital Investment Co., Ltd. was established in August 2007. It is a professional institution focusing on equity investment in small and medium-sized scientific and technological innovation enterprises. CDF-Capital has been recognized and funded by national ministries and commissions (National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.), local government guidance funds and other institutional investors. The cumulative scale of various investment funds under management exceeds 25 billion yuan, and the cumulative investment projects exceed 300, including More than one-third of the projects have exited through IPO, New Third Board, mergers and acquisitions, etc. CDF-Capital mainly invests in new manufacturing (hard technology, new materials), large IT (AI, big data), big health (biotechnology), high consumption (tech consumer goods) and other fields driven by underlying technological innovation or innovative applications. On May 30, 2022, it was awarded the honor of "Top 20 Best Chinese Investment Institutions in China in 2021" by China Investment Information. On December 23, 2022, it was awarded the honor of "Top 50 Chinese Venture Capital Institutions in 2022" by Zero2IPO Group, and CDF-Capital. In the past 12 years, it has been ranked among the top 20 Chinese-funded institutions.

MingFeng Capital is a professional private equity investment institution focusing on medical and health care. It was established in 2015 and is a qualified private equity manager registered with the China Asset Management Association. Its current management scale is nearly RMB 1 billion. MingFeng Capital has always focused on investment in the consumer medical field.


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