Why choose SRHC?

Recombinant collagen is Safe and effective
new type of non-animal sourced collagen

Trautec SRHC Type III INCI Name: sh-Polypeptide-123

Type III collagen is a structural protein that makes up the extracellular matrix (ECM) and provides space for cell growth with a supportive function. Type III collagen plays an important role in skin elasticity and moisturizing, it also works significantly for scar healing and anti-aging. It serves as a foundational support structure that creates a conducive environment for cell growth. Understanding its significance can help you appreciate its role in various aspects of skin health and well-being.

was selected by highly bioactive fragments from the amino acid sequence of natural human type III collagen and used genetic engineering techniques with eukaryotic yeast to construct an expression system by using biological fermentation technology. sh-Polypeptide-123 is 100% homologous basis with human collagen with the extra-long base sequence of 229 amino acids and more integrin recognition sites for more efficient cellular activity recognition. It is biocompatible, encouraging the proliferation and differentiation of fibroblasts. Moreover, it helps maintain fibroblast tension and facilitates the repair and regeneration of damaged fibers.

Benefits of Type III Collagen
  • Nourishing and Moisturizing: Essential for maintaining skin elasticity and moisture. It plays a key role in preserving the suppleness and hydration of your skin.
  • Anti-Aging: Type III collagen has anti-wrinkle properties. It helps in maintaining youthful skin by promoting elasticity and moisture retention.
  • Heals Damage Skin: This collagen type also contributes significantly to the process of scar healing. It aids in the restoration of damaged skin tissue, helping to minimize the appearance of scars.
  • Reduces skin redness: Extracellular matrix (ECM) that includes Type III collagen provides a more stable environment for skin cells. This stability can help mitigate inflammation and redness, as inflammation is a common cause of skin redness.
  • Reduces UV damage: UV exposure can lead to the development of pigmentation issues, such as uneven skin tone and premature aging. Recombinant collagen can also help reduce the appearance of such pigmentation problems by supporting skin regeneration and promoting an even complexion.

Trautec SRHC Type XVII INCI Name: sr-(Decapeptide-63 sh-Polypeptide-148 Hexapeptide-40)

Type XVII collagen is a transmembrane protein constituent of the dermal-epidermal anchoring complex. As a major structural component of the hemidesmosome, Type XVII collagen plays an important role in the differentiation of keratinocytes and the regeneration of hair follicle stem cells.

SRHC Type XVII optimizes the high bioactive amino acid sequence of natural human type XVII collagen as the expression system with biological fermentation technology. Type XVII activates as a source of hair follicle growth to provide stable ecology for hair follicle stem cells, drive self-replication of hair follicle stem cells, maintain a normal metabolic cycle of hair follicles, and prevent aging of hair follicles and skin aging.

Benefits of Type XVII Collagen
  • Repairs hair follicle and Moisturizing
  • Maintains hair follicle stem cell homeostasis
  • Maintains stable melanin stem cell ecological niche
  • Prevents hair follicle aging
  • Delays scalp aging

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SRHC effectiveness and advantages
over conventional collagen (animal-sourced)

Recombinant Collagen (SRHC)
Animal-sourced Collagen
Sourced via yeast fermentation
Sourced via animal's hooves, hives, bones, and joints
Type III collagen, Protein
Type I collagen, Protein
100% biocompatibility
Low to medium biocompatibility
High activity
Skin irritation and blemishes
Fast cell renewal
Slow to no cell renewal
Intense skin regeneration
Weak skin regeneration
Zoonosis-free, less immunogenic
Contaminants risk such as antibiotics, metabolites and steroids
ISO14004 Certified
Use of pesticides and herbicides to maintain a clean production area
Water soluble, dissolves instantly
Absorption efficiency is greater due to its low molecular weight
Non-efficient absorption due to its high molecular weight
Neutral pH level - formulation compatible with most products
Require pH level to be lowered to increase its solubility to formulate