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Commitment to developing and producing the best recombinant collagen

Technology in Harmony with Life, Forging a Healthier Tomorrow

Established in 2015, Trautec is a pioneering company specializing in clinical medicine-oriented recombinant collagen. We operate a comprehensive industry chain platform, integrating biosynthesis and medical device transformation capabilities. Boasting five authorized patents for our recombinant collagen core sequences, Trautec is steadfastly dedicated to research and development, manufacturing, and the distribution of innovative biomaterials, novel proteins, nucleic acid drugs, and dietary products. Our corporate headquarters, strategically located in Jiangsu, China, spans a sprawling 100,000 square feet facility. We have invested over $17 million solely in advancing the production of recombinant human collagen (ReCol3®).

At Trautec, we proudly employ an exceptional team of experts who collectively hold independent intellectual property rights in recombinant collagen development. Guided by our mission, "Technology in Harmony with Life, Forging a Healthier Tomorrow," we remain unwavering in our commitment to spearheading groundbreaking advancements and industrial applications of recombinant collagen biomaterials. This pursuit is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to innovation and our profound expertise in medical device and biomaterial manufacturing technology. Our company's unwavering dedication extends to broadening the horizons of SRHC application through innovation. We are resolute in our mission to make ReCol 3® universally accessible and applicable, particularly within the personal care industry, with a primary focus on cosmetics and medical regeneration sectors. As ReCol3® continues to evolve, Trautec's dedication to upholding the same core principles remains steadfast: to lead the forefront of SRHC while delivering a sustainable, collagen-based biomaterial that is both effective and safe.


Trautec R&D has established enduring partnerships with 30 provincial capitals and over 1,000 hospitals across the nation of China, culminating in the accumulation of an extensive repository of clinical data. Drawing upon over eight years of dedicated independent research and development in clinically-oriented collagen innovation, we have achieved a remarkable transformation from inception to a state of industry leadership. These achievements have not only paved the way for a comprehensive "basic research to clinical application to industrial transformation" paradigm but have also catalyzed the advancement of high-quality grassroots research and development initiatives.

At present, Trautec proudly holds five patents related to recombinant collagen core sequences within the realm of recombinant collagen. Our commitment to innovation in synthetic biology serves as the cornerstone for the exploration of novel biological materials catering to repair, regeneration, anti-aging, and disease treatment. Our state-of-the-art R&D platform features autonomous molecular biology laboratories, facilities for protein and nucleic acid purification, a dedicated cell culture suite, high-performance liquid chromatography analysis laboratories, and cutting-edge high-throughput screening technologies.

In line with our ongoing commitment to excellence, we are currently in the process of expanding our certified testing platform, encompassing an impressive 32,500 square feet. This expanded facility, duly certified by CMA and CNAS, will facilitate a wide array of medical projects, including cellular medicine research, cosmetics testing, and comprehensive inspection services for biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics.


2015 - 2017

  • Founded in Jiangsu, China
  • Official launch of recombinant collagen industry academia research project
  • Simultaneous launch of R&D lab and factory construction
  • Begin production trials of SRHC

2018 - 2020

  • Breakthrough in standardized production of recombinant collagen 30 tons scale fermentation
  • World's first investigational clinical trial of recombinant collagen for skin burn treatment initiated
  • Completed the pilot test of SRHC Type I and Type III

2021 - Current

  • Completed the pilot test of SRHC Type XVII
  • Launched the clinical trial of SRHC implant
  • Clinical study featured on ScienceDirect publication BURNS
  • Awarded Jiangsu province “Little Giant” enterprise
  • Established U.S. branch in Ontario, California
  • Launched clinical trial of SRHC implant
  • Shiseido Beauty Innovations Fund announces investment in Trautec as lead investor
  • SRHC Type XVII awarded PCHi 2022 Fountain Awards in raw material innovation
  • SRHC Type XVII awarded Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2022 in personal care
Intellectual property

Patents and Certifications

  • 3 PCT applications
  • 19 authorized inventions
  • 12 invention applications
  • 47 utility model patents
  • 41 product registration certificates
  • 60 registration certificates in process
  • 5 Class III medical devices in process

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