February 20, 2024

Trautec has unveiled its recombinant human collagen, successfully achieving large-scale production and paving a new path for the recombinant collagen industry.

In a remarkable leap forward for biomedical science and regenerative medicine, Trautec proudly announces the successful development of Type III recombinant human collagen. This groundbreaking achievement comes as the result of relentless pursuit and years of meticulous research by our esteemed technical experts. Our team has managed to synthesize collagen that not only perfectly mirrors the amino acid sequence of natural human collagen but also retains the quintessential triple helix structure fundamental to its biological functions, and is now ready for commercialization.

Under a transmission electron microscope, it exhibits a morphology and fiber density that is almost identical to those of bovine collagen.

This innovation is a prime example of new productivity. Trautec Medical's Type III recombinant human collagen not only replicates the full-length sequence of natural human Type III collagen perfectly but also demonstrates a similar shape and form to bovine collagen under an electron microscope, showcasing remarkable fiber-forming capabilities.

The typical structure of collagen fibers with alternating light and dark bands.

This achievement signifies that Trautec's recombinant human Type III collagen possesses a triple helix structure and offers mechanical support properties comparable to those of animal collagen. It addresses the challenge of providing adequate mechanical support with recombinant collagen and paves a new path for setting standards in the recombinant collagen industry.


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