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Homogolous with human collagen

Introducing SRHC Type III: The Epitome of Recombinant Human Collagen Compatibility
We take immense pride in unveiling SRHC Type III, a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of recombinant human collagen. Meticulously engineered using proprietary synthetic technology and cultivated through advanced bio-fermentation processes, SRHC Type III stands as a testament to our commitment to setting new industry standards in compatibility and biocompatibility.

Our innovative methodology has given rise to a collagen product that proudly boasts a remarkable 100% homology with human collagen, positioning it as the pinnacle of harmony and compatibility within the market.

SRHC Type III marks a transformative stride forward in the field of recombinant human collagen. Its exceptional homology, extended amino acid sequence, enhanced absorption properties, and impeccable ethical credentials make it the undisputed preference for discerning individuals and organizations in search of cutting-edge collagen solutions.

Elevate your products and formulations to new heights by harnessing the unparalleled advantages that SRHC Type III offers. Embark on a journey of innovation and excellence, as you choose the epitome of compatibility in recombinant human collagen.

Halal IFANCEEU Vegan Certified
KEY FeatureS of SRHC Type III

Exceptional Homology: SRHC Type III exhibits an unparalleled level of homology with human collagen, mirroring the natural structure of collagen found in the human body. This intrinsic compatibility ensures superior integration and interaction with human tissues.

Ultra-Long Amino Acid Sequence: Comprising an extensive sequence of 229 amino acids, SRHC Type III surpasses conventional collagen products in terms of structural complexity. This intricate arrangement enhances its effectiveness and suitability for a wide range of applications.

Enhanced Absorption Efficiency: SRHC Type III offers enhanced absorption efficiency due to its lower molecular weight. This attribute facilitates better penetration and assimilation into the body, optimizing its therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

Neutral pH Compatibility: Unlike many conventional collagen products, SRHC Type III boasts a neutral pH level. This characteristic makes it ideally suited for incorporation into personal care products and dietary supplements, ensuring stability and compatibility.

Ethical Sourcing: SRHC is derived from non-animal sources, making it a conscientious choice for individuals who prioritize ethical considerations. It has been rigorously certified as both Halal and Vegan, upholding the highest standards of ethical sourcing.

Zoonosis-Free and Reduced Immunogenicity: Our stringent quality control measures guarantee a zoonosis-free product, eliminating the risk of potential infections associated with animal-derived collagen. Furthermore, SRHC Type III exhibits lower immunogenicity, reducing the likelihood of skin irritations and blemishes.

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