August 3, 2023

Trautec Medical Ventures into Shiseido Global Innovation Center: An Exchange in Pursuit of Beauty Knowledge

In late July, the International Trade Department of Trautec Medical embarked on a visit to the Shiseido Global Innovation Center in Yokohama, Japan, as part of an exchange and study initiative. This visit marked a significant milestone in Trautec's collaborative journey with Shiseido, following the establishment of a strategic cooperation agreement. The primary objective of this excursion was to delve deeper into the realms of potential collaboration between the two entities within the domain of functional skincare products.

"Exploring Shiseido's cutting-edge research institute and immersing in interactive experiences led by Director Harada. From innovative products to R&D insights, we delved into Shiseido's unique corporate culture.

The Shiseido Global Innovation Center, strategically located within Yokohama's Future Port 21 precinct, boasts an expansive footprint exceeding 50,000 square meters. Diverging from conventional research and development hubs, Shiseido Group's cutting-edge innovation center embodies the essence of an urban open research institute, more closely resembling a conceptual flagship store that epitomizes the brand's image.

Shiseido exhibited unwavering appreciation for Trautec's remarkable strides in the development and application of recombinant collagen.

In the year 2022, the Shiseido Ziyue Fund assumed the helm of the Series A financing round for Trautec. Just a few short months later, in November of that same year, the two entities solidified their partnership through a strategic cooperation agreement focused on the realm of medical beauty. With a shared commitment to innovation, both teams swiftly delved into the intricate world of product research and development, driven by a relentless pursuit of the "technological innovation" path within the cosmetics sector.

The recent visit yielded a treasure trove of invaluable insights. Shiseido exhibited unwavering appreciation for Trautec's remarkable strides in the development and application of recombinant collagen. Beyond the realm of anti-aging solutions, these two collaborators engaged in thought-provoking discussions concerning novel approaches to scalp care. Their synergy hinged on the collective research and development prowess, fostering a deeper and more expansive landscape for collaboration.

Shiseido's enduring presence on the vanguard of global cosmetics research and development seamlessly complements Trautec's pioneering role in recombinant collagen raw materials. The expedition served to further galvanize Trautec's unwavering resolve and self-assuredness as it aspires to chart a course into international markets, aiming to position China's recombinant collagen at the forefront of the global stage.


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